Dance Expressions

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  1. Do we have to be in recital?

    No, but we encourage all to because dance is a performing art.

  2. What is included in the $35 Recital Fee?

    The biggest thing your recital fee covers is staff. We have dozens of staff at our recital so we don't require parent volunteers during the show. You get to enjoy your childs peformance with your family in your seats! The recital fee also includes a recital t-shirt and professional venue staff.  

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Why Choose DE?

  1. What makes Dance Expressions special?

    • Personal Attention
    • Smaller Classes
    • Quality Instructors
    • Relaxed Family Atmosphere
    • Professional, Hassle Free Recitals
    • New State of the Art Facilty
  2. How do I know that Dance Expression is the right choice?

    We offer personalized meetings, and help with class selections based on the goals of each dancer. Come and visit and do a tour, and take a free trial class, and/or schedule a meeting with the director. Usually people know right away if Dance Expressions is the right place for them. 

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Levels of Classes

  1. Do the students move up in levels by age or ability?

    We look at both to consider placement of a student. We want them to be in the appropriate age group for social and maturity level, but we also take their experance and ability into consideration when placing them in a class. Due to having 5 studios, and a large student population, we are able to offer classes for beginner through advanced in most age groups. 

  2. How do you know what class my student should take if coming from another school?

    It is often hard to tell what level they at our studio when they come from another school with differant levels and curriculms. We do look at that indivudual's experiance on a case by case basis. We have them try a class, usually conservative on the difficulty level, and move them up if needed. We much rather tell a student that they are moving up, then that they are moving down. 

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Competition Teams

  1. Do we compete?

    Yes. Dance Expressions has a large compeition team. This is done so that students can get more performance opportunities and work towards their goals in dance at a faster pace.

  2. Do you have to be advanced to be on the competition team?

    No. We have teams for beginner through advanced students. You do however have to audition. The auditions are in May or June.

  3. Do you have to be on the competition team to be in the advanced classes?

    No, the majority of our classes are selected by level only, and not if they are compeititon. They compeititon students do have rehearsals that are seperate, and sometimes a class only for them, but most of our classes are not divided that way. 

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