Dance Expressions

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Recitals at Dance Expressions

Since dancing is a performing art, stage performance is considered an integral and important part of student's dance education. Our dance recital is truly an exciting and rewarding family experience. Dance Expressions has annual recitals and most classes participate in the show. There are, however, ways to be a student at Dance Expressions and not perform in recital if needed. 

Our Hassle Free Recital is one of best advantages of being in a recital at Dance Expressions. This program makes recital costs easy to budget and a great easy experience for families. We includes all rehearsals, a recital T-shirt and even costume alterations if needed. The recital fee is only $35 per student and we provide dozens of professional staff so you don't have to "work" the show. We keep our costumes fees low, and provide optional services like recital videos, pictures, and gifts that make recital really easy.

Our main recitals are held at the beautiful Stafford Centre. Dance Expressions has preferred customer status with the venue, and gets to select recital dates before dozens of other schools in the area. The professional venue has state of the art sound and lighting equipment, wonderful seating, professional dressing rooms, and a spacious lobby for the full experience for our students.

Special Recital for 2-6 year olds!

We cater to our little ones during the year, with either special recitals for them, or special sections of the show. Little ones is what we specialize in, and we pride on making their first recital special. Recitals are usually held at Friendswood Junior High to keep small and less intimidating for dancer... and mom. :)