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Different types of dance classes and activities at DanceExpressions

A wide variety of dancing classes and styles are available for both kids and adult alike at Dance Expressions. Although there are many distinct kinds of dance, the basics are usually quite similar. Read on to know more about the popular genres and discover which one is most suited to your personality and preferences.

The following popular dance styles are offered at our dance studio Friendswood, Texas.


Among studio dancers, jazz is a common choice. Dance teams at big athletic events frequently perform jazz dance, which can commonly be seen on stage, in advertisements or music videos. Correct body placement and rhythmic exercises, as well as jumps and twists, kicks and floor work, and transitional steps will be taught to students in this jazz class. A section of the lesson is also devoted to strengthening and stretching exercises to keep the body in top shape. Dancers may expect a fast tempo and lots of dramatic accents in the choreography.

Contemporary/Modern Dance

Dance classes at modern schools may appear more relaxed than ballet classes, but they nonetheless contain very precise, meticulous choreography. Modern dance has been around for a long time, ever since choreographers discovered that the human body can be used as a flexible tool for creating new forms of art.

Instead of emphasizing technical mastery, modern dance emphasizes individual expression. Modern dancers today must be three things at once: artists, athletes, and technicians. Suspension, release and weight sharing are just a few of the modern dance themes that students will learn about in this session. The choreography and musical selections promise to challenge and excite the dancers.

Hip-hop dancing

There is an excellent reason why hip hop dancing is so popular in dance fitness classes: it's fun! As far as workouts go, there's nothing like this one out there.

As a dancing form, hip hop is a favorite among children. Having fun while learning the fundamentals of dancing is a terrific way for kids to get started. Regardless of the subject matter, each dance tells its own tale in an energetic and explosive manner.


Dancers that are graceful, elegant, precise, and delicate may find a home in the world of ballet.

Ballet, with its traditional European roots and a vocabulary that is still entirely French, has a long history of producing dancers who are able to perform difficult spins, extensions, and footwork while appearing weightless and effortless.

It's hardly a walk in the park, so if you fall in love with ballet, you'll have to decide whether you're willing to put in the time and effort. Our trainers have had years of rigorous training before becoming the professional ballet dancers they are today.

There are many dance styles that can benefit from ballet's structure and symmetry even if you lack excellent posture or long, flexible legs. Examples of ballet fusion include modern dance and Motown, among others, all influenced by a wide range of musical styles and choreographic techniques.

Tap Dancing

It's not just singing and acting that can place you on a Broadway stage, and your mouth isn't the only body part that can tell a tale. Naturally expressive people tend to use their hands and facial expressions, or sometimes their entire bodies to communicate themselves. When it comes to tap dancing, you're really doing the same thing as a storyteller. Your internal rhythm and balance will improve as you learn to manage and coordinate the movement of your toes and heels. We can see why Fred Astaire couldn't get enough of this!

Latin Dance Styles

There are a variety of Latin dance classes to choose from as well. Popular in Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s, these ballroom and club dances have now traveled around the globe and become part of virtually every culture.

Samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, jive, and paso doble are classic Latin ballroom dances, as are tango, mambo, salsa, merengue, and reggaeton, which are more social dances.

Ballroom, Swing, and Other Pairs Dancing

Couples' dance classes, like ballroom dancing, are a huge hit with the general public. When it comes to pop culture, it's safe to say that ballroom dancing has made its mark. This is an excellent place to start if you're looking to get back into dance as an adult.

The instructors at our dance studio in Houston, Texas, will help you improve your posture and sense of rhythm as you master foot sequences and how to lead or follow. Because students must pair off to learn their movements, these dancing courses tend to be more relaxed than solitary sessions at a professional facility. Our classes are usually a way for couples to connect, or an opportunity for single students to meet new people.

There are now more forms of dance lessons than ever before, as technology brings the world's cultures closer together and choreographers continue to push the boundaries of creativity. Don't get overwhelmed by the numerous options available, but don't restrict yourself to the stereotypical choices either! Trust your instincts and our experienced dance instructors to guide you in making the best choice. What are you waiting for? Register now for our dance classes in Houston!

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