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What is the Best Style of Dance for Children to Learn?

Dancing is one of the best activities that children can practice during their growth stage,

as it helps them achieve excellent physical shape and improve some important aspects

of their development such as coordination or agility. In addition, it helps them to interact

with other children and learn such important values ​​as effort or perseverance.

If your child is having fun on the playground, making up dances to songs on the radio,

or just can't keep their body from moving when listening to music, it might be time to

sign them up for dance lessons at a very good dance studio in Houston, Texas.

But what is the best dance style for them?

There is a wide variety of dance styles for children to learn. Each allows them to

express themselves and is a good form of exercise. The key is to match the style to

your child's personality and preferences. Here are five popular dance styles and how to

know which one is right for your child.

Hip hop

Hip-hop is a fun and inventive style made with popular music. Improvisation is huge for

hip-hop dancers. The first few dance classes in Houston teach kids the basic moves,

which they can use to improvise dances as they get better. Hip hop can be appealing to

kids because they can dance to music they know and do moves they've probably seen

on TV.

At Dance expressions, Hip hop is definitely a great way for young dancers to express

themselves. It's a good choice for kids who don't like to be held back by too many rules.

Hip-hop can be a fun way for kids to make friends and build confidence. It also requires

a lot of body awareness to move certain parts of the body and is a great form of

cardiovascular exercise.

All this movement and dancing is great for kids…and their brains too.


With pink shoes and pretty costumes, ballet is a big draw for many young girls. But kids

can do it too! Ballet is an elegant and beautiful dance that requires a lot of precision and

strength. Ballet can take a long time to master, which means kids may not be doing the

moves they imagine at first. However, if they keep it up with their ballet classes, there

are plenty of performance opportunities in most areas.

Ballet tends to be more structured than other types of dances. Every dance camp in

Houston will offer to teach your child how to dance Ballet.

Plus, it requires dedication. Ballet is a great cornerstone for other dance styles and can

help introduce children to the world of dance.


Lyrical or modern dance requires fluid movements and strength. Although these dances

are often performed in groups, the dancers focus more on telling a story than being

completely in sync. Lyrical dance is highly emotional and requires a high level of

performance to convey the message of the dance.

Lyrical is a good choice for kids who love to perform. It blends well with other dance

styles. If your child likes to jump, spin, and move to the beat of music, lyrical lyrics might

be a good choice. It requires the dancers to connect with the song and feel the emotion.

No matter your child's personality or preferences, there is a perfect dance style for



Jazz dance is high energy with great moves. It is perfect for children who love to act and

who have great personalities. Jazz dance is very diverse and can encompass anything

from a slower, more modern number to a Broadway-style routine. The variety of

movements is exciting for children, especially if they get bored with one style.

Although jazz dancing can be improvised, and this improvision is learned in dance

classes in Houston. It requires a lot of technical skill that can take some time to

master. Many jazz dancers start with other dance styles, such as ballet, before moving

on to jazz. However, children can start jazz early on and still acquire a lot of skill in the



The tap is rhythmic, energetic and strong. Anyone can play and have fun learning the

basics. Even if your child isn't very coordinated, tapping can be a good option. Tap is a

great option for children who love to make noise and have fun.

The style lends itself well to self-expression. Although students learn tap dance in

groups during class, the style works well for individual artists. More advanced tappers

often perform alone or in small groups. Tap is an excellent form of exercise for dancers

of all levels; Young learners will like to get their wiggles out and make sounds, and more

experienced dancers may enjoy the self-expression and movement that comes from


The best dances for children according to age

The best dances for children are the dances that they thoroughly enjoy. These dances

are developmentally appropriate. His training is perfectly adapted to the motor, social

and intellectual skills that the child already masters at his age.

Before 4 years of age

Before the age of 4, children are not yet ready to take dance classes that have a formal

structure. However, they can take the movement classes offered by some dance

academies for 2- and 3-year-olds.

In these classes the little ones learn to develop their motor skills through games.

Parents can usually attend these classes and participate with their children.

4 to 8 years old

From the age of 4, children already have enough ability to pay attention and learn to

dance in a dance class. However, they cannot take dance classes that are physically


At this stage the bones of children are still very tender. They are not ready for rigorous

dance training like ballet. Dance classes for children between the ages of 4 and 8

should focus on basic movement and coordination skills.

They do not have to be classes of a specific type of dance. In many classes for children

of these ages, the little ones learn to move their bodies following the rhythm of different

types of music.

The best dances for children from 4 to 8 years of age are:

  • Creative dance

  • Pre-ballet

  • Folk dances

From the age of 8, children can start taking more structured dance classes. Their bodies

are ready for more physically demanding workouts. They are also mature enough to

stay focused and follow formal training with discipline. The best dances for children 8 to

10 years old are:

  • Ballet

  • Modern dance

  • Flamenco

  • Sevillanas

  • African dance

  • Traditional dances

10 years and up

From the age of 10, children already have quite defined their interests and tastes for

different types of dances. The best dances for children of this age are the dances that

they prefer to learn to dance and the dances that are more in tune with their personality.

They may be interested in dancing for creative reasons. They might choose dancing as

a hobby or as more serious training with career plans for the future. They may also be

interested in dancing for social sharing or physical activity.

At these ages, children are still in time to start taking ballet classes. It is a good stage to

learn to dance dances that require a lot of dedication such as flamenco and ballet itself.

Also, at this stage many children are interested in partner dances such as salsa, cumbia

or ballroom dancing. Or they are passionate about the dances that correspond to

current musical styles such as hip hop.

Children ages 8 and up can be interested in several types of dances at the same time,

or they can focus on the dance they are most passionate about. These dances could


  • Ballet

  • Flamenco

  • Modern dance

  • Hip Hop

  • African dance

  • Salsa

  • Cumbia

  • Bachata

  • Merengue

  • ballroom dancing

  • Tap

  • Contemporary dance

  • Folkloric dances

  • Traditional dances


Dancing can be quite relieving, and it is seen as a form of exercise too. If you are

looking for the where to enroll for ballet classes or dance classes in Houston, Dance

expressions is the place to be. We offer several programs at different levels to fit all

student’s needs. Contact us today to get started.

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